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Superdelegates should select Hillary over that Idiot Barack

By Right Wing News – April 25, 2008

WOOHOO … I agree with this Author 100%! … c’mon, John McCain … jump in there and slap both of them down! …

Although I’m supporting John McCain for President in 2008, I have to admit that I’d rather see Hillary Clinton as his opponent.

That’s not because I think she’d be a weaker candidate … it’s because I’d love to see that smug tin god, Barack Obama, humbled and forced to taste bitter defeat at Hillary’s hands.

Ironically, just a few months ago, I would loved to have seen Hillary beaten by Barack because she seemed to have such a sense of entitlement about the Democratic nomination … so now, the shoe is completely on the other foot.

Come to think of it, that may be Barack Obama’s only significant accomplishment … he has been the first Democrat who has ever made conservatives see any good at all in Hillary Clinton.

Here are his top 10 reasons – suck it up Barack Obaba-Yo-Mama


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Gas-guzzling SUV’s – Dealers won’t accept them as trade-ins now

By Associated Press – April 26, 2008

This is amusing to me, especially since so many women just HAD TO HAVE AN SUV … most of them can’t see over the steering wheel, much less park one CENTERED between 2 white stripes on any parking lot … As gas prices rise, trade-in value of SUVs drop … you’re going to have to drive that thing into the ground …

For used-car dealer Ivan Hoyos, accepting a sport-utility vehicle as a trade-in is no longer good business.

“Nobody is buying used SUVs,” said Hoyos, 35, who stopped accepting them six months ago.

“The truth is more and more dealers are staying away from used SUVs and large trucks … it doesn’t pay; you can’t have a unit sitting on the lot forever.”

Independent used-car dealers and massive chains like AutoNation Inc. are having trouble selling used SUV’s

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Economy is so bad – Ebay to start auctioning Real Estate

By Barbara E. Hernandez – Mercury News – April 25, 2008

Remember how everyone scoffed when eBay started car auctions?

Well, soon they might be your realtor …

Two auctions in the East Bay next week show that developers and builders are eager to sell off their slow-moving homes.

Vista Del Mar’s neighborhoods range from 1,560 to 3,665 square feet and feature fireplaces, tile entry ways, master suites and walk-in closets. Homeowner association fees are $132 a month for the Villages only.

Minimum bids start at $265,000 for 1,560-square-foot homes at the Villages. The homes were priced previously from $470,990 to $836,044.

Builders will continue to start new homes on a very limited basis

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