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Military recruits accepted with waivers for past criminal conduct

By CNN News – April 30, 2008

Army and Marine recruits accepted with waivers for past criminal conduct get promoted faster, earn more medals for valor, re-enlist at higher rates, and stay in the military longer … would you like to know more? …

WASHINGTON (AP) – Soldiers who need special waivers to get into the Army because of bad behavior go AWOL more often and face more courts-martial.

But they also get promoted faster and re-enlist at a higher rate, according to an internal military study obtained by The Associated Press.

The Army study late last year concluded that taking a chance on a well-screened applicant with a criminal, bad driving or drug record usually pays off.

And both the Army and the Marines have been bringing in more recruits with blemished records.

Still, senior leaders have called for additional studies, to help determine the effect of the waivers on the Army.

On the brighter side, those with waivers earn more medals for valor and tend to stay in the Army longer.

IMO, we would do better by placing hard-core criminals into military service


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