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How to get hot flight attendants to come to your house

By Susan Finch, L.A. Times – May 4, 2008

With foreclosures on the rise and for-sale signs all over neighborhoods, owners across the country are struggling to find ways to meet their payments and stay in their homes. One possible solution is to open your doors to airline employees looking for what is known in the industry as a “crashpad.”

Despite a relatively low profile, crashpads are not a new idea and are nearly as old as the airlines themselves.

Pilots, flight attendants and other airline employees may live in one city but fly out of another one, sometimes hundreds of miles away. Often this gap between home and base is the result of employees’ shifting schedules or changing to a different airline.

Others find their base city to be too expensive to live in.

Although employees’ benefits allow for free or cheap commutes by air, schedules don’t always offer much flexibility — 6 a.m. flights and sporadic on-call schedules can make lodging in surrounding airport neighborhoods a necessity.

When crew members live in one state but travel to another for work, the airlines are not required to pay for their accommodations.

Flight crews are offered complimentary hotel rooms only when en-route or on a lay-over.

Homeowners – rent a room in your house to airline crews for $350 a month


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