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Indiana Nuns are not allowed to vote – they’re retired

By Scott Martelle – Los Angeles Times – May 7, 2008 included

Nuns in their 80s and 90s turned away from polls for not having IDs … by a fellow nun …

A dozen nuns and an unknown number of students were turned away from polls Tuesday in the first use of Indiana’s stringent voter ID law since it was upheld last week by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The nuns, all residents of a retirement home at Saint Mary’s Convent near Notre Dame University, were denied ballots by a fellow sister and poll worker because the women, in their 80s and 90s, did not have valid Indiana photo ID cards.

Though state officials reported no significant problems, advocates monitoring polling places said there was occasional confusion.

Angela Hiss, 19, of suburban Chicago, said she was allowed to register to vote several weeks ago but was turned away Tuesday from a polling site in South Bend, where she attends Notre Dame.

Hiss said officials at a local motor vehicles office then would not accept her Illinois license as proof of identification for an Indiana license.

Indiana is a WEIRD state


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