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Dallas High School Seniors graduating – can’t add nor subtract


Meet your new burger-flippers, the Class of ’08 … 75% of graduating Dallas, TX seniors can’t read above 8th grade level or handle enough math to deal drugs …

And, just think … these are America’s “Future Leaders” …

It’s May, which means thousands of high school seniors across North Texas can almost taste it – their diploma … this month 7,500 DISD seniors are expected to walk across the stage and make their families proud.

But what if we told you that 75 percent of the seniors headed to Dallas community colleges, can’t read above an 8th grade level, and others can’t add or subtract?

Graduation is a time for feeling proud, but that might quickly change to frustration for thousands of DISD students like Gia Hollis come fall, when reality hits.

The students will tell you themselves what the focus was in high school.

And then there’s math … There are some students in these remedial courses who cannot add, subtract, or do basic multiplication.

And one professor says calculators are a big problem.

No, Professor – I blame the 2-job parents who didn’t teach their kids anything for 18 yrs! .


May 11, 2008 - Posted by | Commentaries, In the news

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