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Time-Warner wants to charge you an Internet “Meter Fee”

By Peter Svensson – AP Technology Writer – June 3, 2008

NEW YORK (AP) – You’re used to paying extra if you use up your cell phone minutes, but will you be willing to pay extra if your home computer goes over its Internet allowance?

Time Warner Cable Inc. customers — and, later, others — may have to, if the company’s test of metered Internet access is successful.

On Thursday, new Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers in Beaumont, Texas, will have monthly allowances for the amount of data they upload and download.

Those who go over will be charged $1 per gigabyte, a Time Warner Cable executive told the Associated Press.

Metered billing is an attempt to deal fairly with Internet usage, which is very uneven among Time Warner Cable’s subscribers, said Kevin Leddy, Time Warner Cable’s executive vice president of advanced technology.

This will be as popular as a turd in a punchbowl


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GM closing 4 truck and SUV plants in North America

By Associated Press – June 3, 2008

WILMINGTON, Del. – General Motors is closing four truck and SUV plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as surging fuel prices hasten a dramatic shift to smaller vehicles.

CEO Rick Wagoner said Tuesday before the automaker’s annual meeting in Delaware the plants to be closed are in Oshawa, Ontario; Moraine, Ohio; Janesville, Wis.; and Toluca, Mexico.

He also said the iconic Hummer brand may be discontinued.

Wagoner said the GM board has approved production of a new small Chevrolet car at a plant in Lordstown, Ohio, in mid-2010 and the Chevy Volt electric vehicle in Detroit.

Wagoner said GM’s board approved the production schedule of the Chevrolet Volt


GM plans to bring on-line around 2010 the “All-Electric” Chevrolet Volt … a technological breakthrough required to make this concept a reality is a large lithium-ion battery.

This type of electric car, which the technical community calls an “EV range-extender,” would require a battery pack that weighs nearly 400 pounds.

Some experts predict that such a battery – or a similar battery – could be production-ready by 2010.

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