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Barack Obama – visits “57 AMERICAN States”???

DAMN … when did America acquire 7 additional states in the past few months???

DUUUHHH … and the Liberals say Bush is stupid?

I would point out this is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black … but undoubtedly someone would accuse me of being a racist!

The Moron never caught himself … then he said that he had been to all “57 States” but one!

Does that mean there are really 58 states???

But then he said that he hadn’t been to Alaska and Hawaii, which is two more … by my count.

So … how many states does Obama think that the “UNITED STATES” has anyway??? …

Can’t believe how many STUPID-ASS Americans would consider voting for such an ILLINOIS IDIOT!


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Indiana Nuns are not allowed to vote – they’re retired

By Scott Martelle – Los Angeles Times – May 7, 2008 included

Nuns in their 80s and 90s turned away from polls for not having IDs … by a fellow nun …

A dozen nuns and an unknown number of students were turned away from polls Tuesday in the first use of Indiana’s stringent voter ID law since it was upheld last week by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The nuns, all residents of a retirement home at Saint Mary’s Convent near Notre Dame University, were denied ballots by a fellow sister and poll worker because the women, in their 80s and 90s, did not have valid Indiana photo ID cards.

Though state officials reported no significant problems, advocates monitoring polling places said there was occasional confusion.

Angela Hiss, 19, of suburban Chicago, said she was allowed to register to vote several weeks ago but was turned away Tuesday from a polling site in South Bend, where she attends Notre Dame.

Hiss said officials at a local motor vehicles office then would not accept her Illinois license as proof of identification for an Indiana license.

Indiana is a WEIRD state

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John McCain’s health care plan makes sense

By Star Parker – – May 5, 2008 included

McCain’s health care plan differs from that of Obama and Hillary’s because it makes sense …

A gold star to John McCain for his just released plan for reforming American health care.

Analysts will pick apart details and surely will find shortcomings. But directionally, McCain’s approach is on the money. Contrary to the vaporous rhetoric of change offered by the Democrats, he has proposed real structural health care reform.

The plan boldly takes on key problems in how we deliver health care that have contributed to out-of-control cost escalation.

According to a recent University of Minnesota study, health insurance premiums have increased over recent years ten times faster than personal incomes, and by 30 percent from 2001 to 2005.

The employer-based system has been an engine for driving up costs

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Michelle Obama – Barack has hit the boiling point

By Tim Shipman – April 30, 2008

Barak Obama is nearing his “boiling point” over questions about his character and judgment …

Welcome to the Big Leagues, rookie …

Barack Obama is struggling to contain his anger and frustration over the constant barrage of questions about his character and judgment, his wife has revealed.

Michelle Obama lifted the lid on the irritation felt by the leading Democrat candidate for the White House at the way anti-American outbursts by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, have dogged his campaign.

He is said to be itching to turn all his fire on John McCain

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Superdelegates should select Hillary over that Idiot Barack

By Right Wing News – April 25, 2008

WOOHOO … I agree with this Author 100%! … c’mon, John McCain … jump in there and slap both of them down! …

Although I’m supporting John McCain for President in 2008, I have to admit that I’d rather see Hillary Clinton as his opponent.

That’s not because I think she’d be a weaker candidate … it’s because I’d love to see that smug tin god, Barack Obama, humbled and forced to taste bitter defeat at Hillary’s hands.

Ironically, just a few months ago, I would loved to have seen Hillary beaten by Barack because she seemed to have such a sense of entitlement about the Democratic nomination … so now, the shoe is completely on the other foot.

Come to think of it, that may be Barack Obama’s only significant accomplishment … he has been the first Democrat who has ever made conservatives see any good at all in Hillary Clinton.

Here are his top 10 reasons – suck it up Barack Obaba-Yo-Mama

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John McCain – Lenders Should Fix Mortgage Mess

Drawing a sharp distinction between himself and the two Democratic presidential candidates, Senator John McCain of Arizona warned Tuesday against vigorous government action to solve the deepening mortgage crisis and the market turmoil it has caused, saying that “it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers.”

Mr. McCain’s comments came a day after Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York called for direct federal intervention to help affected homeowners, including a $30 billion fund for states and communities to assist those at risk of foreclosure. Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic opponent, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, has similarly called for greater federal involvement, including creation of a $10 billion relief package to prevent foreclosures.

As the foreclosure crisis has rippled across the economy, it has thrust itself to the forefront of the presidential race, with Democrats seizing on the issue in urging forceful government steps to alleviate the crisis. Mr. McCain’s remarks Tuesday, to a group of Hispanic businessmen here, signaled a sharpening divide between the two parties’ candidates, with the senator warning against quick, costly government fixes to a crises rooted in the private sector.

“Rampant speculation” on both sides is the root cause of the crisis, Mr. McCain said. He placed part of the responsibility for the mortgage mess on lenders, who he said had grown “complacent” in a rising market and as a result acquired a “false sense of security” that caused them to “lower their lending standards.”

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Hillary Clinton doesn’t pay her health insurance bills


By Kenneth P. Vogel – Politico – March 31, 2008

Now we know why Hillary is pushing so hard for universal health care … her campaign is so broke, they stopped paying the staff’s insurance premiums …

Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out.

Clinton, who is being pressured to end her campaign against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, has made her plan for universal health care a centerpiece of her agenda.

The campaign provides health insurance to all its employees, their spouses, partners and children — and that wasn’t interrupted by any lag in payments to insurance providers, said Jay Carson, a Clinton campaign spokesman.

But the unpaid bills to Aetna were at least two months old, according to FEC filings.

They show the campaign ended last year owing Aetna more than $213,000 for “employee benefits.”

During the first two months of the year, the campaign did not pay down any of that debt. In fact, it accrued another $16,000 in unpaid bills last month, and it finished the month owing Aetna $229,000.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, did not report any unpaid bills to insurance providers at the end of February

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